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Welcome to ! We are a stable and anonymous Creativechain mining pool based in France, Europe.

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  • October, 26: Reward will raise to 13 after block 75025 (Reward at 8 currently)


  • Fees: 1%
  • Minimum for payment: 1 CREA
  • Port 3050 for test usage with low hashrate card in order to compile sgminer (rx550 in our case)

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  • If you have any questions or requests :


Use Our Ccminer (Windows)

Download it by clicking here (Miner CREA for this pool and for windows using CUDA Toolkit 9).

Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Algorithm Stratum Host Stratum Ports & Diff
crea CREA keccak-c Port: 3032, Diff: 256 Port: 3050, Diff: 1024

Global Stats

Algo Miners Hashrate
keccak-c 59 264.67 GH